Date of Birth: 31/12/1979
Mother's Country: Punjulow, Bathurst Island
Dreaming: Trick Dance

“My father taught me how to carve and do the decorations with ochre.  He was a famous carver and my mother is well known artist Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, who paints at Tiwi Design, Nguiu. I started doing carving at Munupi Arts & Crafts in 2004, before that I lived on Bathurst Island.”In 2006 Declan began a series of small ochre paintings on canvas. The feedback he recieved about these inspired him to create larger paintings. They mirror the linear Jilamara designs he uses on his Pukumani carvings and demonstrate his easy move between mediums.Declan’s involvement with Munupi has increased every year since he first joined. He has been an Executive Committee member for two years and also represents Munupi on the TiwiArtNetwork Committee.  Declan is keen to try other artforms as well including pottery and printmaking and he has been spending time with fellow artists Robert Puruntatameri and Regis Pangiraminni in the Pirlangimpi Pottery Studio watching them at work and learning about various techniques.