Date of Birth: 10/02/1952
Mother's Country: Munupi, Melville Island
Father's Country: Pupatuwu, Bathurst Island
Dreaming: Kapala (Sailing Boat)

Anne grew up at Nguyu (today Wurrumiyanga) with her family and following the times at aged six she was put in the convent with the other girls. Many of her family worked building Nguyu’s church.“The first thing that I remember that when I was a little girl of three years old my father Michael Babui teaching me my Tiwi culture, how to dance, singing, how to hunt on the land and the sea and telling me my Mothers dreaming. Today when I dance Kapala I think of that time when my father was teaching me.“The Tiwi culture of arranged marriage was still strong during Anne’s time of brith and so she was promised wife to Marius Puruntatameri of the Pandanas tribe. There is a photo at the Nguyu museum of Anne and Marius’ marriage at Prilangimpi in 1972.  Marius used to go to school at Moniabe College in Victoria and Anne used to write letters to him. They have five older sons who all live with their families on the Tiwi Islands.“My eldest son Marius Junior is the only son to have followed the tradition of arranged marrage.The other four have not. I don’t like it but I can’t help it.”Anne has only recently been coming to Munupi Art Centre and paints what comes naturally to her. Tiwi culture, Pukumani poles, arm bands, head bands, spears and stories about dancing.“I never used to paint but I am enjoying it now. My husband is surprised at my painting. Before I used to stay home or sometimes play card but now. My little grandson Maxwell I am passing on what I paint to him. “