Date of Birth: 31/12/1960
Mother's Country: Ranku, Bathurst Island
Father's Country: Munupi, Melville Island
Dreaming: Jarrikalani (Turtle)

"I am living here at Pirlangimpi becuase I had one of my brothers here at Pirlangimpi pass away and when I first came here he told me to stay in this land, that Pirlangimpi is my "home town". I work at the Pirlangimpi club doing security and also at the Munupi Arts Centre as a painter." "This is my turtle story: One old bloke, he passed at Bathurst, my old brother in law, he took me out turtle hunting one time. At first I didn't want to becuase turtle is my dreaming. "Oh come on", he said, "you can come and stand on top of the boat and hold the harpoon" out on the water we saw the turtle moving up and down, breathing in the water. We speared two turtles that day. Another came past and we speared it. I started to cry and feel real sick after eating that turle becuase it was my dreaming. I didn't want to go out hunting turtles again."