Lidwina (Nina) Tepomitari (previously Puruntatameri)

Lidwina  (Nina) Tepomitari
Date of Birth: 24/09/1971
Mother's Country: Port Keats, NT
Father's Country: Pukulimpi, Melville Island, NT
Skin Group: March Fly
Dreaming: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl)

Nina Tepomitari  was taught to paint by her father, Romuald Puruntatameri. As a 14 year old, she would come home from school and work with him, painting his spears.  Nina Puruntatameri has worked at both Nguiu Adult Education and Munupi Arts & Crafts doing bark painting, screen printing, works on linen, etchings and linocuts.  In 1993 Nina Puruntatameri won the Award for New Medium at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards in Darwin, providing recognition for her exceptional skills in etching.Her father, Romuald Puruntatameri, is represented in the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory Collection.  Her grandfather, Paddy Teeampi Tepomitari Puruntatameri, and her aunt, Rosina Puantulura, both carvers, are represented in the Melbourne Museum Collection.The artist own work is represented in many Australian and International private and public collections.