Date of Birth: 29/10/1962
Father's Country: Imalu Point, Melville Island
Skin Group: March Fly
Dreaming: Trick Dance

Maria Josette Orsto who reside in Bathurst was the first female artist of Munupi Art and Crafts association, where she still work occasionally.  The daughter of Jean Batiste Apuatimi and Declan Apuatimi, Maria Josette was taught painting and carving from a very early age. With her late husband a reputed carver, she has been at the forefront of the art developments in the Tiwi Islands.  An acclaimed artist in her own right she has exhibited extensively Nationally and Internationally.  A dedicated artist she works in many media including painting, printing batik and carving. A strong cultural woman Maria Josette creates contemporary works that bridge the old and the new through her own personal creative interpretation