Mario Walarmerpui - 21-20

Yimwaliniyi is the word for Ceremonial Dressing made and used for the Pukamani Ceremony which is the final ceremony for the deceased person, which usually occurs 1 year after the death.Tutuni , tunga, pamajini (armbands), tapalingini (headband - for ladies only), arawunikiyiri (spear -  for men only).Tunga is a bark basket that goes over the top of the tutuni at the end of the ceremony.  The  armbands and  headbands are put into the tunga .The spears are broken and next to the Tutuni Pukamani Poles

Catalog No 21-20
Title Yimwaliniyi (Ceremonial Dressing)
Artist Mario Walarmerpui
Size & Medium 90 x 60 cm Ochre on Canvas
Category Painting
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