Date of Birth: 28/08/1975
Mother's Country: Yambah Station, Central Australia, NT
Father's Country: Rangini, Melville Island, NT
Skin Group: March Fly
Dreaming: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl)

Robert Puruntatameri has trained in many disciplines of pottery, taking after his renowned father, the late Eddie Puruntatameri. Robert Puruntatameri started working at Pirlangimpi Pottery at Munupi Arts & Crafts in September 1994. His work reflects influences from his fathers style and his mother, Maree’s work from Central Australia. Robert Puruntatameri exceptional creative talents are highly regarded by many admirers and collectors of ceramic art. Robert Puruntatameri is also highly skilled as a carver and is one of the art centres most successful and creative producers of ironwood ‘Pukumani’ (mortuary poles) and ‘Tokwampini’ (bird) carvings. A workshop with acclaimed sculptor, Bruce Armstrong in May 2005 further enhanced Robert Puruntatameris’ skills in his craft, leading to the production of a number of exceptionally fine works.  Similarly, a three week residency at the Sydney School of Art in September 2005 under the mentorship of ceramicist, Bill Samuels enabled Robert Puruntatameri to focus on producing large decorative platters and sculptural pieces. In 2011 Robert Puruntatameri again took part in a further Remote Communities Ceramic Network project at ANU in Canberra. Strathnairn Arts Association facilitated the collaborative work between Robert Puruntatameri, Carol Williams, and Carlene Thompson from Ernabella Community in SA. This collaboration was the second stage of the Remote Communities Project of 2009.   A natural athlete, Robert Puruntatameri has represented the Tiwi Islands and the Northern Territory for both basket ball and football.  He has also representedMunupiArts and Crafts on the ANKAAAExecutive Committee and has previously sitted on the Munupi Executive Committee.