Purrukupali was the son of the creator woman Murtankala. He lived with his wife Bima and son Jinani at the beginning of time when all life was immortal, during the Parlinari (creation period). One hot day, Purrukupali's brother, Tapara wooed Pima and distracted her from looking after Jinani, leaving the poor child to perish in the heat. Purrukupali was enraged when he discovered the tragic events that had unfolded in his absence. He fought with Tapara and declared in his grief that death should come to the whole world from that time on. The first Pukumani ceremony was held under the instruction of Purrukupali and it marked the close of the creation period.

Catalog No 12fio086
Title Purrukupali
Size & Medium 120x180cm ochre on linen
Category Painting
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