Our Future

Objectives of Munupi Arts & Crafts

The objects of the corporation are:
a) the relief of poverty, suffering and distress among the peoples of the Pularumpi Community and its homelands through the creation of sustainable and culturally appropriate employment and economic activities
b) to raise the social esteem of community members by recognising the economic and cultural value of Tiwi art
c) to encourage young people in the community to become involved in Munupi Arts and Crafts activities, providing them with employment opportunities, facilitating the transfer of cultural knowledge and artistic skills and enabling participation in fulfilling activities
d) to provide training for the development of artistic, social and business skills
e) to provide a safe and healthy space for artists and others to work, free from the effects of violence and substance abuse, and with access to appropriate and nutritious food and monitoring of medical needs
f) to operate and maintain a Gift Fund to be known as the Munupi Arts and Crafts Association-Aboriginal Corporation Gift Fund in accordance with the requirements of subsection 30-125(4) of the Income Tax Assessment 1997.