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Visit Munupi Art Centre at Garden Point (Pirlangimpi or Pularumpi) and Jilamara Arts at Snake Bay (Milikapti). The Garden Point community is on the north-west coast of Melville Island, which is part of the Tiwi Islands. It is approximately 125km by air (30 mins) from Darwin.

The Art Centres on Melville Island, Munupi Arts and Jilamara Arts, work closely together and a visit to both centres while you are here is recommended.


Travel Permits (free) are required. Apply online:



Fly Tiwi

  • Darwin to Garden Point: Check-in 7.30am
  • Garden Point to Darwin: Check-in 4pm weekdays
  • Weekend schedule one flight per day
  • Munupi Arts is located 1km from Garden Point Airport

Air Charter Services

Accommodation at Garden Point

The Tiwi Islands Ferry Service does not run to Garden Point - but discussions are underway. Please check the website below for up to date information and timetables. It is about a one hour drive to Garden Point (and about the same to Snakebay) from the Melville Island side of the Apsley Straight ferry landing. Transport must be arranged in advance of arrival.