This painting is about Purrukupali and the place Yipali, the beach where he walked with his dead son Jinani.  Jinani had died when Purrukupali's wife Wayayi (Bima) and their son Jinani went out searching for food in the mangroves. While Bima was looking for mussels and things Purrukapli's brother  Moonman (Tapara) came down to earth to be with Bima as he was in love with her.  She left Jinani in the shade but she stayed away too long and he died in the sun. She did not hear her sun crying for milk and returned to her son too late for Janani had died. As Purrukupali and Jinani cried for their son Tapara came down and asked them if he could take Jinani for three days and heal him. A fight began between Purrukuparli and Moonman. Purrukuparli won! Tapara got injured on his leg. Three days later the moon came out. It was a new, cresent moon. From the earth, Moonman’s scars on his leg could be seen. Purrukuparli carried Janani into the ocean at Yipali. They were never to be seen again. Gone forever. Bima cried and cried. He walked onto the beach at Yipali and walked with Jinani into the ocean until they both drowned in a whirlpool. When the tide goes out at Yipali you can still see Purrukupali's footprints on the sand.

Catalog No 23-357
Title Yipali and Purrukupali
Size & Medium 90 x 60 cm Ochre on Canvas
Category Painting
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