Date of Birth: 25/02/1971
Father's Country: Purrurpunali, Melville Island
Dreaming: Yirrikapayi (Crocodile)

Bernadette undertook most of her secondary schooling at Kormilda College in 1987, then went on to complete year 11 at Slade College in Warwick (Brisbane). After returning to Milikapiti (Snake Bay), Bernadette took up a job at the Womens Centre cooking for the elderly In 2000.She moved to Pirlangimpi with her partner Robert Puruntatameri and their 4 kids. Bernadette started working at the Pirlangimpi Pottery studio in 2004 along with Robert who is a known potter and carver. Bernadette began painting atMunupiin 2005, experimenting with natural ochres on canvas, as well as Acrylic on canvas and her works have been shown in our recent exhibitions.