Date of Birth: 21/03/1959
Mother's Country: Jikilaruwu, Bathurst Island
Father's Country: Yapalika, Melville Island
Dreaming: Jurrukuni (Owl)

Carol Puruntatameri was born in 1959 on Wurrumiyanga (Bathurst Island).When Carol was 10 years old the family moved to Pirlangimpi, Melville Island,her fathers country.'When old man, my father’s brother Justine Puruntatameri, did painting he brought all us children and grandchildren to the Munupi Art Centre teaching us to carry on. I used to watch my father painting Pukumani poles and during Kuluma ceremony he was painting his body by holding the mirror. Our fathers told all us girls: “Go down and cut sticks from mangroves to use in the ceremony”. The sticks were put in a circle around the middle circle and the men go out and collect the Kulama (bush yam). We were all there, all my family, when our fathers were doing Kuluma ceremony.""I used to stay home gambling but one day I came to the art centre and watched my uncle painting. I didnt know how to paint. I started painting and painting and I I am here today and I know how to paint. I used to copy what my Father did. Some of my paintings have stories.""I think we need to have a museum here at the art centre so we can teach future generations and display clap sticks because they don't have clap sticks here. Also Tokoinga, the ball made out of bee’s wax with the white feathers put in. Only men used to make that and wear it for ceremony and the ladies had arm and head bands. This is a family treasure.”Carol has been a painter at Munupi Arts since 2010.