Date of Birth: 13/07/1983
Mother's Country: Alice Spring, NT
Father's Country: Rangini, Melville Island, NT
Skin Group: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Dreaming: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl)

Christine Puruntatameri was born in Darwin and grew up on Melville Island at Pirlangimpi.  Christine went to Darwin for High School. First attending Kormilda College and then St. John’s College until she completed year 11.  Christine then returned to Pirlangimpi.  Back on Pirlangimpi she met her first partner and they had a daughter.  They moved to WA in 2002 and had 2 more children.  Christine moved back to Pirlangimpi with her 3 children in 2008.Christine has experience as a Director of Munupi Arts, and her grandfather  was the famous Tiwi Potter John Boscoe Tipiloura, and father was renouned potter Eddie Puruntatameri, who shared his creative skills and cultural knowledge with his daughter.While her children were going to school she came to the Art Centre whenever she could.  Christine has worked at the Pirlangimpi store since 2017 and when she has the time she comes to the Art Centre to paint.  She loves to paint and uses a pwoja (comb) to apply ochres to canvases.