Date of Birth: 23/02/1970
Mother's Country: Jurrupi. Jessie River, Melville Island, NT
Father's Country: Rangini, Melville Island, NT
Skin Group: Takaringuwi (Scaly Mullet)
Dreaming: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl)

I Jacqueline Puruntatameri was born in Darwin and grew up at Pirlingampi on Melville Island.  I went to high school at Kormilda College in Darwin.I had one child a boy called Gareth who lives in Darwin with his partner.I used to work at the Pirlangimpi store for 5 years.I have been painting at Munupi Arts for a long time.  I have had artworks used for calendars and I have been in many exhibitions.  I love painting and I follow my grandfather who was an artist as well.  His name was Black Joe.  He is famous and was in the Tiwi Show in 2021 at the National Gallery of Victoria