Jacqueline Tipungwuti

Jacqueline Tipungwuti
Date of Birth: 12/10/1967
Mother's Country: Pupatuwu, Bathurst Island
Father's Country: Imalu Point, Melville Island
Dreaming: Buffalo

Hi my name is Jacqueline i was born at Alice Spring Hospital which is in the middle of the centre as i grow up i went to school at St Therese school where i grow up and then i left Alice Spring and moved to Nguiu on Bathurst Island i was only 18,years old then,as i was there i started looking for a job working at the Adult Education and also found a partner then had kids of my owed and i raised them all and then in 2015 i moved to Garden Point at Pirlangimpi started working at the Artcentre called Munupi in 2015.