Lucinda Puruntatameri

Lucinda Puruntatameri
Date of Birth: 16/05/1995
Skin Group: March Fly
Dreaming: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl)

Lucinda Puruntatameri was born in Darwin on 6/05/1995, and she grew up in Pirlangimpi, where she went to the local Primary School. Lucinda received a scholarship to attend the Presbyterian Ladies' College, in Armidale (NSW), and later went to Downlands College in Toowoomba. She has one beautiful son. Lucinda’s father’s country is Rangini, Melville Island, and her mother’s country is Malawu, Bathurst Island. Lucinda has three totems, including: Kirilima (Jungle Fowl), Jurrukukuni (Night owl), and Yamparriparri (shooting star). Lucinda recalls watching her mum and all the old people painting as she was growing up. This inspired her and she began to paint when she was 20 years old. Lucinda is one of 6 children and her mother, Shirley Puruntatameri who was Born on Bathurst Island and is a Tiwi elder, and also an artist. When her children grew up, Shirley began to paint at Munupi Arts. Today both Shirley and Lucinda are dedicated artists who can be found painting at Munupi arts almost every weekday. Lucinda, like her mother, is committed to her creative practice. Through her own daily artistic practice, and watching her mother and other elders paint, Lucinda has developed her own unique style. Her bold yet intricate designs reflect both her individual identity and creativity, and her strong connections with her ancestors—their ancient artistic and cultural traditions, cosmology, wisdom, and knowledge. Lucinda describes her painting process as ‘a way to connect with my family members, particularly to my father, and his relatives and other ancestors’.