Rebekah Yunipingu

Rebekah Yunipingu
Date of Birth: 06/06/1992
Mother's Country: Yimpinari, Melville Island
Father's Country: Pinyannapi, Melville island
Dreaming: Trick Dance

Born in Darwin, raised between communities of Pirlangimpi and Wurrimyanga back then it was called Nguiu.My country is Pinyanapi I get my Dreaming, country and blood From my Father. Mothers Parents were Marjorie and Dinny Dunn. Father's Parents are Celesta and Leaonard Tungatalum, being the eldest of their grandchildren I grew up mostly with them. Traveling, going to ceremonies, kulama, funerals. My grandfather was a strong culture man who would make sure me and my 3 sister's had to participate in our culture parts. I grew up sketching landscapes with my father Daryl it wasn't until I lost my youngest son in 2018 that I took up painting. It helped me emotionally when I had bad thoughts, or depression and suicidal ideas. I'm glad that I still have something that still helps me today with everyday life.