Date of Birth: 31/01/1959
Skin Group: White Cockatoo
Dreaming: Jarrikalani (Turtle)

Reppie Orsto has worked at Munupi Arts & Crafts since its beginnings in 1985 where she has produced numerous intricate fabric and t-shirt designs as well as paintings.  In 1989 Reppie created designs for the Territoriana label in Darwin.  Reppie Orsto participated in Munupi’s first printmaking workshop in Canberra in 1990.  In June 1992 she travelled to Paris to attend the opening of the Munupi Exhibition at The Australian Embassy. In August 1994 Reppie Orsto attended, at the invitation of the Canadian Government, the exhibition “Epama Epam! Everything has Meaning: An Exhibition of Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Australia” to coincide with the Olympic Games. In 2002 Reppie Orsto had her first solo show at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi in Melbourne.  Reppie continues to create large and small ochre paintings at the Munupi Art Centre.