Date of Birth: 21/03/1972
Mother's Country: Jessie River, Melville Island, NT
Father's Country: Rangini, Melville Island, NT
Dreaming: Takaringa (Scaley Mullet)

Emerging artist, Sandra Puruntatameri only began painting with Munupi Art in early 2011.Sandra Puruntatameri was raised at Pirlangimpi and fondly remembers going out hunting with her parents most Sundays as a child.  She has  5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl.Sandra Puruntatameri paints on linen with natural ochres applied by the traditional pwoja, an instrument used to apply ceremonial designs with ochre on to the body. A carved piece, usually from ironwood with tooth like ends resembling a comb. The pwoja is dipped in to the ochre and applied in rythmic moevements on to the linen. It is a very meditative form of working. This sense of calm emanates from Sandra Purutatameris’ work.